Saturday, July 4, 2015

No Marketing, Online Money - Humanatic Review

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Welcome to another edition on NMOM! Today I am going to review the website Humanatic! In my opinion, this site does not pay enough to want to commit to it full time, but it is a good way to pass the time and make some extra income in the process.

Humanatic is a website that recruits independent contractors to listen, review, and sort inbound and outbound phone calls. These calls assist clients to sort calls that need to be examined from a quality assurance perspective. From my experience, many of these calls can be listened to and sorted in less than 3 minutes -- of course longer calls may take longer to sort in the correct category.

The amount paid depends on which call category you choose. When you first join, you will only have two choices that will pay between $0.007-$0.015 per call that is sorted. The requirements for what the site is looking for in each call is laid out plainly prior to when you start listening to calls, so there is little confusion once you start. There are also members that audit the calls that are sorted by the independent contractors. You ARE penalized when you do not sort calls correctly, so try to be as accurate as possible. On the last call that I rated that was incorrect they deducted $0.02 from what I had accrued.

Anyone is able to work for Humanatic as long as you have a verified paypal account. At this time, that is the only way that contractors get paid. You are able to cash out your account once you reach $10 in your account. As you sort more calls, more categories will open up that have higher pay. The highest category that I see as of today pays $0.15 per completed task.

All in all, Humanatic is a completely legitimate way to make some money online, but it definitely is not a way to earn a living. On average I earn $10 per week from this site by dedicating an hour or two each day.

If you would like to join visit the Humanatic website. At this time, there is no affiliate or referral program.

As always, thank you for reading! Please share with your network, friends and family!

Shanice Patrella
Skype; MsLuckyDuck

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Freelance Your Skills - upWork

Hello my darlings, and thank you for reading! Once again I have been doing some research on how to get great exposure for those of us that do not like to work inside the traditional workforce -- ie, wanting to work for ourselves rather than someone else. I have had the pleasure to speak with a few freelance and independent contractors and it seems like there has been a resounding trend to where they recommend people that are just beginning to start. That answer was UpWork -- formerly known as oDesk.

UpWork apparently isn't new to the freelance market, but it has seemingly been getting a substantial amount of growth in these past couple of years. Upon initial inspection, it seems like the site has quite a lot to offer for a huge range of freelancers and business owners alike. The platform gives you the option of whether you are looking for work or looking to hire your own team of freelancers. 

Of course, I was also taken in by the bright colors and the sheer beauty of the user interface, so I went ahead and joined. They ask you standard questions to sign up for the platform: Your personal information like a phone number, email, cover letter, and resume. All of this information is held confidentially unless you choose to display it on your profile. 

After a few days of use, what I can say I really like about this platform is that they really do focus on the quality of both those looking to hire and those looking for work. There a few quizzes that you can take that will exhibit your proficiency in certain areas, just in case you do not have the experience on your resume to back up your knowledge. As far as being an employer, when you hire on the website, you can earn certain "levels" when your companies pays out your freelancers.

The most important thing on the site that I enjoy is the rating system. Employers are able to give freelancers a rating out of five stars and vice versa. This allows you to see honest to goodness reviews about certain employers to help you skim out the spammers or employers that do not pay what is promised on the site.

To join and use the UpWork platform is completely free with no up-front payment. What is interesting is that UpWork does charge 10% of earnings on the platform, but that is charged to the client that is looking to hire. For example, if you would like to be paid $15 per hour for your work, then the employer will be charged $16.50 per hour. The $1.50 difference would then go to UpWork for continued maintenance and operation. 

If you would like to try UpWork, click this link. I am sorry to report that there is no affiliate or referral program since they have undergone their name change, but I will update this information if anything new becomes available.

Once again, thank you all for reading and I will catch you all on the flip side. :)

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Shanice Patrella
Skype: MsLuckyDuck

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