Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make Your Marketing Memorable


If you are like me then you love this commercial! Let me ask you this, though. Do you know what company this ad was for? GEICO insurance. Truthfully, I did not know either until I did my research to look it up. Now, we all know that this commercial does not really have much to do with purchasing insurance, but it got you interested and running over to the television when the ad comes on.

One of the tricks to the success of large businesses is hooking the consumer with interesting bait. When you are able to bring in a target audience into your "marketing pool" you are much more likely to find prospects that are more interested in following your product (or your hilarious ads -- we all love the GEICO gecko) and responding in a positive way to your  business. Even if they decide not to purchase your products or join your business, they are much more likely to share with their friends -- of whom most will resemble your target audience -- and market FOR you!

There are many ways to make your marketing memorable, and this can all be dependent on your target audience demographics, what you are selling, and your ultimate goal in the business. If you are trying to increase your revenue, you may have a different tactic than someone who is trying to increase subscriptions to their blog/ebook/service. You will want to create a campaign that people will enjoy AND remember! As stated in a great article 5 Ways to Make Your Content Memorable
Once you realize that one of your most overlooked business problems is likely a memory problem (not an “interest” problem) and you recognize how poorly our minds remember abstract words and numbers, you’ll come to realize how vital it is that we focus on becoming more memorable in our content marketing.
As always, do your research and let your personality shine through. I know I like people that are authentic, rather than copying-pasting little blurbs into messages that are boring and trite.

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