Sunday, July 6, 2014

No Marketing, Online Money - Shopper's View

Welcome to another edition of No Marketing, Online Money! If you have been following my blog, I seem to talk a lot about mystery shopping and how it is good to supplement your income. Well, I am about to do it again! If something works, why not stick to it? Today's evaluation is through a company that I have been working with for a little over a year now called Shopper's View.


Shopper's View is another company that leads in mystery shopping services and provides quality assurance for a wide array of clients including retail, food service, quality assurance monitoring, and audits. Mystery shopping allows you to measure customer loyalty objectively and also monitoring customer service given through a set of guidelines that must be followed by the mystery shopper.

Personally, I have done more recorded telephone shops with this company than anything, but they do tend to offer a wide array of options depending on your area. The more shops you perform and the higher rating you get (you are rated on a points scale out of 10), the more likely you will be approved for different shops. Be careful, though! If you accept a shop and do not complete it by it's due date it is counted against you as a zero score and can drop your chances substantially! Only accept shops if you know you can complete them.


Since I have done (and gotten paid for) only telephone shops, I can only speak on those. For each telephone shop and accepted report, I have received between $2-$5 each with the telephone calls lasting between 3 minutes and 10 minutes. Not bad pay for 10 minutes of work, no? Since the telephone calls are recorded, there is also a very, very short report to fill out that usually takes me less than a minute to complete. Overall, Shopper's View is one of the main mystery shopping companies that I use if I am looking to make some money in as little time as possible.

They do only pay once per month on the 15th for the previous month's shops. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, they pay on the previous business day. They only make payments through PayPal. This allows you to do the shop and forget about it. When you receive the email that you have money in your account, you will have the light bulb go off and treat yourself to that extra greasy, extra cheesy burger that you had promised yourself that you were not going to buy. ;-D


To sign up go to and click on the "Shoppers" link, then click on "Become a Mystery Shopper". There is a sign-up form where you will have to fill in your information as well as tell about your mystery shopping experience. Don't have any experience? No worries! The Shopper's View team will make sure that you have all of the tools to become successful!

There is currently no referral incentives at this time.

Remember, do your own research when it comes to signing up for things that you can make money online! You don't have to take my word for it!

P.S. Here is the payment proof that everyone is so eager to have ;-D Happy shopping!


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