Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Some of you have communicated to me how tired you are of having to research a billion and one websites to see if earning money online is a scam business or not. Marketing isn't your thing (face it, some people don't belong/want to be on the front lines) and you don't want to quit your daytime job! Maybe you do what you love but what you love is just getting you by. I have started a new Sunday series "No Marketing, Online Money" where I will give you tips and reviews of websites and jobs that I have personally tried and gotten paid for. The jobs generally take up very little time and require just a little technical skill and patience.

The first of this series will be

WHAT IS USERTESTING.COM is a usability website that allows companies to have their websites browsed by and tested by real internet users. They record your screen as well as your voice which allows the client to "look over your shoulder" to see where the website is good and where users generally get stuck.

In general, the website is open to most anyone that would like to be a tester but sometimes they do close their signups until they can get more tests to fit their volume of testers. In the beginning, I did not receive many tests, but once I did and was able to complete them I started to receive more notifications that tests were available.

HOW MUCH DO I GET PAID? pays $10 for each PC/laptop test and $15 for each mobile test. For the mobile tests, Usertesting does send you a small camera in which you could hook up to your laptop or PC to record the results that you receive on your phone/tablet. Many of the tests require a screener test to make sure that you fit the requirements the client is looking for, so you may not be able to take each and every test that comes up on your dashboard.

On the website, it states that you will not be able to complete more than 10 tests per week, but I have not ever seen that many tests on my dashboard in a week anyway. Usertesting pays only via Paypal and payment comes 7 days after taking each test. This allows some time for the client to review your test and deem it acceptable. There are very few times where a test is rejected. This has only happened to me one time because I had done the same test twice (oopsie! haha).


To sign up, go to and click Get Paid to Test at the top of the screen. You can also >> click here << to get directly to the sign up page. The only requirements that must be met are :: (1) you must be 18 years old (2) you must have your own PC or MAC (3) you must download their software and use their screen recorder [it's safe! no worries!]. Everything else is up to you! 

There is not a referral program at this time, but why wouldn't you want to tell your friends!? Then you could all go shopping together with the money you make from them ;-D

Remember, always do your research when trying to make money online! You don't just have to take my word for it! Leave your comments or feel free to email me if you need any help or have some feedback!

P.S. Here is some payment proof  for June because I know that question is coming! <3


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