Monday, June 30, 2014

Network Marketing Failures

Do you ever wonder why people are so skeptical about network marketing and multi-level marketing products? There are more bad reviews than good and these reviews are seemingly from people who have "tried the business". Perhaps it is the tiered commission structure? In reality, all businesses that sell a product have some type of commission structure that is levied upon the same principals.

What I have seen over and over again is the type of people that this type of business attracts. Working at home is a lifestyle that so many people want to live, but very few people want to actually work for what they have. There are plenty of  pyramid and ponzi schemes out there where little to no product is being delivered, but successful marketers sell a product or service with great return.

The type of people that this kind of business attracts are:

  • people that have little to no sales experience
  • people that have little knowledge of business to business relationships
  • people that are not satisfied with their lifestyles or level of income
  • people that want to work little and make a lot of money
  • people that have little experience in business ownership

Now, not all of these aspects make a person unfit for MLM or network marketing. Please don't get me wrong -- there are some people who are unfit for marketing and should stay away from sales due to their personality. If you have the proper work ethic and are open to learning about things you do not know, then you are able to overcome all of the marketing failures and become successful.

The biggest thing many people just starting out have trouble with is overselling their business or lying about their success. In every business model, there is a time when you will be in the red -- to say that you have invested more in your business than you have earned revenue. That is OK! This step is necessary until you can make a name for yourself and the business that you own. There is a time and a place for everything, so if you are trying to sell someone on your business and they even think that you are insincere about what you sell or are lying about how successful it has made you they will chalk you down in the SCAM column.

Be mindful, that all MLMs are a business opportunity. If you do not start showing yourself as a business owner, you will never be taken as a business owner. You should always be open to learning new things about your business and taking tips from people whom are actually successful. Don't fall into the trap of being a failure because you are ignorant to your business. Work hard, stick with it, and do not be tricked by people who are claiming success by a secret method and have yet to show it!

As always, do your research before starting a business! That is the best thing that you can do for yourself!


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Sunday, June 29, 2014

No Marketing, Online Money -

Some of you have communicated to me how tired you are of having to research a billion and one websites to see if earning money online is a scam business or not. Marketing isn't your thing (face it, some people don't belong/want to be on the front lines) and you don't want to quit your daytime job! Maybe you do what you love but what you love is just getting you by. I have started a new Sunday series "No Marketing, Online Money" where I will give you tips and reviews of websites and jobs that I have personally tried and gotten paid for. The jobs generally take up very little time and require just a little technical skill and patience.

The first of this series will be

WHAT IS USERTESTING.COM is a usability website that allows companies to have their websites browsed by and tested by real internet users. They record your screen as well as your voice which allows the client to "look over your shoulder" to see where the website is good and where users generally get stuck.

In general, the website is open to most anyone that would like to be a tester but sometimes they do close their signups until they can get more tests to fit their volume of testers. In the beginning, I did not receive many tests, but once I did and was able to complete them I started to receive more notifications that tests were available.

HOW MUCH DO I GET PAID? pays $10 for each PC/laptop test and $15 for each mobile test. For the mobile tests, Usertesting does send you a small camera in which you could hook up to your laptop or PC to record the results that you receive on your phone/tablet. Many of the tests require a screener test to make sure that you fit the requirements the client is looking for, so you may not be able to take each and every test that comes up on your dashboard.

On the website, it states that you will not be able to complete more than 10 tests per week, but I have not ever seen that many tests on my dashboard in a week anyway. Usertesting pays only via Paypal and payment comes 7 days after taking each test. This allows some time for the client to review your test and deem it acceptable. There are very few times where a test is rejected. This has only happened to me one time because I had done the same test twice (oopsie! haha).


To sign up, go to and click Get Paid to Test at the top of the screen. You can also >> click here << to get directly to the sign up page. The only requirements that must be met are :: (1) you must be 18 years old (2) you must have your own PC or MAC (3) you must download their software and use their screen recorder [it's safe! no worries!]. Everything else is up to you! 

There is not a referral program at this time, but why wouldn't you want to tell your friends!? Then you could all go shopping together with the money you make from them ;-D

Remember, always do your research when trying to make money online! You don't just have to take my word for it! Leave your comments or feel free to email me if you need any help or have some feedback!

P.S. Here is some payment proof  for June because I know that question is coming! <3


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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scam Review: Ellis Partners in Management Solutions

Ok guys. I know I have been away for much too long but to get back into the swing of things, I would like to fill you in on some of the opportunities that I have been taking advantage of while I have been away. Internet marketing and e-commerce is not for everyone. I found that many people are very skeptical when they hear that I "work at home".

One of the most fun things that I have started doing is mystery shopping. Sure, you are not able to mystery shop full time and become an instant millionaire, but it is definitely an easy way to earn some extra cash while doing the shopping that you were going to do anyway. The next few days, I will speak on some of the companies that I have been working with as well as how to join.


Ellis Partners in Management Solutions (EPMS), is one of the most respected marketing consulting services and also a provider of executive-level management. This company provides apartment mystery shopping services as well as resident surveys. They assist managers and apartment communities to survey their resident expectations and opinions as well as rate and review the physical look of the property and the performance of their leasing consultants. They also provide training and seminars to their customers to help enhance their overall performance.


I am an apartment mystery shopper with EPMS. When I sign in, I am able to see different assignments based on my geographic area. I am then able to pick up assignments (which are dependent on your skill level with them) and assist the customers with critique and an honest review. A majority of the properties that I have shopped are apartment communities where you have to shop a specific leasing agent and grade their performance. You are also expected to be very observant to rate the actual look of the property.


Yes, with this company you really do make money. It does take a little bit of time to complete the reports and do the shops properly and on average it can take between one to two hours to submit everything properly. BUT! If you are patient and thorough, it is definitely worth it. On average, you are paid $30 for each property visit, but depending on the time of the month or difficulty of the shop bonuses are added frequently. You are paid once a month on the 22nd of the month for all shops done prior to the 7th. For example, the last shop that I completed was on June 20th. The $30 owed to me will be direct deposited on July 22nd.


You can sign up through their website then click on "Become a Shopper". You can also follow >> this link << directly to the sign up application page. They will only pay through direct deposit, so paypal is not allowed. Also, it is currently only available in the USA.

Remember, when signing up for a mystery shopping website, always do your own research! Just because it is on the internet doesn't mean it is real! Please leave your comments or feel free to email me if you need any assistance!
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P.S. 6/29/2014
Some of you have been asking for payment proof via email, so thank you so much for the responses! Here you are. This is what I have pending for June. ;-) Keep the feedback coming..

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guess Who's Back!? Back again!

Oh, my wonderful followers! How I have missed thee! How I have longed to read your beautiful comments and answer your incessant emails! 

Haha, well I am back everyone. After a long introspective journey to hell and back I have returned to bring you more beautiful internet marketing content and some tips and tricks. While I have been gone I have been experimenting with some work-from-home positions online that are NOT e-commerce or internet marketing and I will be sure to share my experiences as I go.

Thank you all for the patience and I will talk to you soon!

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