Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Blog: Find a buddy!

Many of the posts that internet marketers are putting up these days are about the importance of an active blog. Blogging itself can be a simple endeavor, especially if you decide to use some of the free blogging platforms that makes it easy to style and post content to your blog. When you are first starting in this endeavor, it can be quite the lonely task. The thing that I recently found out about is the "blog buddy" system.

A "blog buddy" is just like someone that you bring with you to the gym. This person will help to keep you motivated and on track with the content of your blog. Not only do they keep you company, but they are also there to give you a different perspective on the topics that you are blogging about. They can also provide someone that can relate to what you are doing. Not everyone that is in internet marketing will be blogging, so this person (if they are not into internet marketing or ecommerce) will be able to lend you their expertise in the blogosphere.

When you are selecting another blogger that you would like to buddy with, find someone that is roughly at your writing level.  It can be a little difficult to critique writing if it is a style that you are not used to. If you write in a very technical sense, you want to find someone that does the same. Technical writing can be hard to understand sometimes, especially if your blog buddy is not familiar with the common jargon that is used in your field or topic. I found that ProBlogger has stated it best when it comes to the process of finding a blog buddy. You can read all about it here on ProBlogger.

When you have found that perfect person that you would like to work on your blog with, you want to make sure that you keep the relationship open. You are both HUMAN, so if you are writing about controversial topics remember that everyone will have an opinion. Try to also make the relationship mutually beneficial. Comment, critique and assist your buddy as they are helping you. The give-and-take relationship makes sure that both parties contribute and have everyone come out on top.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, finding a blog buddy will help you to expand your networks. You can think of this as a large party and you get to meet your friends-friends and vice versa. Since not everyone will be writing about or selling the same thing, networking is extremely important. You have the opportunity to introduce friends to your buddy and they will have the chance to introduce their friends to you. You will also be able to link other interesting works and similar topics in these comments so that everyone will have a chance to grow and learn.

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