Monday, April 1, 2013

Think, Set, Grow!

 I have goals! Nowadays, you really can not call yourself a business person or entrepreneur without having some kind of goals in mind, right? Well. Sometimes just having goals is not good enough.

Let me ask you this. I know you have goals, but do you have them written down somewhere? Do you have them separated into different groups like short term, long term, personal, and professional? This is the mistake many people make, especially when they are just starting in internet marketing!

 The top performers in all Fortune500 companies have their goals written down in a place that they frequent -- in their bedroom, at their computer, in the bathroom for "quality reading" time. When you write down what you want to achieve, it turns the goals from just ideas to physical substance and will give you even more motivation to want to achieve those goals.

When you are having a particularly bad day and you are on the verge of defeat, when you are able to remind yourself what you are working so hard for, it will immediately turn your mood around!

Now, remember goals can be pretty much anything that you can dream of, but you do want to be practical and you want it to be something that you can attain. I personally separate my goals into Personal and Professional categories then I subdivide them into Short Term and Long Term. Just like you keep your business and personal accounts separate, you want to keep these goals separate as well. There are some people (like myself) that are not ultimately looking for recognition or being the richest person alive (even though its nice to dream about). Some just want to provide for their family and live so that there is very little that they have to worry about, if anything at all.

The best part of having these goals written down? Crossing them off! For example, one of my short term goals was for my savings account to reach $1,500 before the end of October 2012. When I was reading over my goals list, my heart started racing as I crossed out that particular item and rewrote it. It is just so satisfying to know that all my hard work did not go to waste.

Now remember, keep your goals in mind but also keep them on paper!

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