Monday, April 15, 2013

Pros and Cons of Safelists

So among the many tools that people use to drive traffic to their websites, I found many different safelists to be quite popular among internet marketers. At first I didn't really understand the importance of this tool, but once someone sat me down and explained it, everything seemed to click. Many people have different opinions about safelists, so of course it will be up to you whether or not to use one but I just wanted to write just some unbiased facts about safelists and give just a few examples if people wanted to use them.

What is a safelist?

A safelist is a form of email marketing where marketers agree to recieve each other's messages. Websites that offer safelists can include free, credit-based, as well as paid memberships. Usually, the safelist administration reserves the right to email it's members as well.


1. There are many free or inexpensive membership programs, so you do not have to make much of a dent (if at all) in your advertising budget.

2. Many of these websites offer a referral program that allows you to earn some type of residual income. You can't be mad at extra $$ in your pocket!
3. When you send out your ads, you are sending them to a fairly targeted audience; other marketers that are interested in online opportunities that may be looking for the next up-and-coming thing.
4. You do not have to take the time to build an email list. They say that time is money, and you do not have to copy or paste any email addresses into these systems! They are all automated so all you have to do is input your ad and click submit.


1. Your email is flooded with other ads and opportunities almost 24 hours per day. I hate sifting through emails and it sometimes makes me overlook some emails that might be important that pertain to things outside of the internet.

2.Your ad will just be one of the hundreds of emails people will get per day. If you do not have a catchy title to your email, then there is the chance that it might go unread and unnoticed.
3. You will be competing in a market where there will be other people trying to market the same exact opportunity that you are. So not only are you competing with different programs, you will also be competing with other people in the same company.

So this just just a few things that you might want to consider before signing up with a slew of safelists. I, personally am only a part of 2 -- List Volta and Herculist -- and these programs work out quite well for me. Both of these are free programs with an option to upgrade. They both also use a credit system where you earn credits for viewing other people's ads and you can use those credits to email additional members.

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