Saturday, January 5, 2013

Website Review: Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm is a website that I just happened to stumble upon during some training that I was going through with one of my associates. We were browsing the net for free sites that will increase your web traffic and this one came highly recommended in a MoneyMaker forum. (I will be doing a review on that forum at a later date). 

This website is free to members and will forward your links to all of the search engines for more probability of getting a hit by the millions of people are surfing the internet. It also has an internal "surf" engine where other members are encouraged to click on links to earn credits to their account that will let them enhance their advertisements. See! A nice capture page would come in handy here!

What I really enjoy about this website is that it gives you an "upgrade" option to go Pro which enhances the features of the site. Where free members are limited to 10 urls, Pro members are able to have unlimited. Going Pro also unlocked the affiliate option where you are able to get free webhosting, free bonus credits, as well as cash paid for referrals.

Another unique feature of the website is the LinkBox. This box is a widget that you are able to add to your websites that will display targeted links depending on the visitor to your site. When you add this feature to your website, the links that you advertise on Traffic Swarm are then added to the ever-growing database and will display in other people's Link Boxes! How cool is that!? Even more free advertising!

Now, since it is free how exactly does it work? The website currency is "credits" that run as the backbone of the system. Earning credits is super easy! Navigating to the Surf page, you receive between 1-1000 credits for each click. To activate your account you must have a minimum of 50 credits, and to achieve that it only took me about 15 minutes and about 30 clicks (most site values are 1-5). You can also earn "mystery credits" which just randomly appear in your bank, enter the TrafficSwarm Lottery, as well as refer other people to the website.

In the 24 hours that I have been part of this website I have earned 1400 credits with no effort at all! It also keeps statistics for your websites that are being displayed and will tell you how many displays and clicks that it has gotten which will let you keep track of everything!

I would recommend this website to everyone and anyone that I know that is trying to promote internet business! Easy to use and a fun community to be a part of! 

Click here to get started with TrafficSwarm!

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