Sunday, January 6, 2013

People Are Sold By People

Have you been marketing online and people are willing to click on your links but they will not sign up for your program? The mistake that many people make are that they only promote the product, they do not promote themselves.

A very successful sales strategy is to SELL YOURSELF FIRST, then SELL THE BRAND. I have worked in call centers for theme parks for years, and this is the very first sales strategy that they will advise you of. Now, if multi-billion dollar companies are willing to teach that to their agents, then why can't you implement it in your sales?

First, it does take a bit more work to relate to people on a personal level. Many people really do want to be sold on what you have to offer, but they want to know that you are personally worth it. Why should they give their hard-earned money to a stranger when they have a friend on Facebook that they actually LIKE selling a similar product?

Secondly, marketing through the internet has made being personable a little difficult. There are some marketers that I have come in contact with that are only willing to converse by email or IM. Why not get a free service like Skype and let your leads/prospects know that you are who you say you are. Just like internet dating, your potential clients are taking a chance investing when all they know you by are words on a screen. Skype is the easiest (and probably most popular) way to video chat. Even Facebook has video chat capability! 

Third, follow up! Just because the person liked your product/service and purchased it doesn't mean that they may not change their mind. Having a conversation connects people and gives them more of an emotional connection to their product, than a logical one. The best buys are emotional buys, so learn about your customer and WHY they purchased the product. They are bound to know people that might feel the same way (or even have a more compelling feeling) to purchase your product, so why not gain those extra connections as well?

Social media makes it simple to connect to people, but remember a phone call or video chat for a few minutes can go a really long way and be meaningful to people!

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