Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Capture and Engage

Did you know that when you meet a person for the first time, it takes then 24 seconds for him to form an impression? Now, as a person that absolutely HATES to be talked at instead of talked to, I always think it is important to form a good first impression so that whomever you speak to will think of you as someone they would like to continue to converse with or even talk to their friends about.

The biggest thing that I like to encourage my team is to think quickly. Are you able to sell your product to someone in 10 seconds? The other 15 seconds that someone is making an impression they are reading your body language and facial expressions.The number one thing many people miss is they can tell you about all of the features that a product has to offer. Features are great, but why should this stranger become a potential customer? What are the BENEFITS that pertain to ME?

Let's try this. Write down 5 core services of your product (most people can do this in less than 5 seconds). Now, ask yourself is this what I sell or is this how it helps other people? I understand that it can be hard to distinguish the difference sometimes and sometimes a feature can double as a benefit.

For example, the product I sell is Motor Club of America. 
Feature: MCA will cover you for up to $2000 in attorneys fees 
Benefit: In case of an auto accident that goes to court, families on a budget will have less of a burden to pay their attorney. 

People would much rather make an emotional purchase than a logical one. When you can emphasize that they will not only be benefiting themselves, but their family as well, they are much more likely to purchase your product. 

The other thing that captures people is when you do not try to sell them on something, but you simply try to be personable. Have a conversation that is not about what you are trying to sell. If you appropriately capture someone's attention by simply complimenting the way they dress, asking how their day is going, or if even they enjoyed their holiday they will gain a better impression of you.

I know that when people approach me and ask me "DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE!? IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! HERE IS 98 BROCHURES, BUY MY PRODUCT!" I simply give them a look similar to this (o_0); and walk away. So many people are turned off by salespeople that it is just not logical to do that anymore (unless you're in that type of environment, then go for it!).

Lastly, remember no is no. If someone does not respond to your comments, don't be rude. Just tell them "have a nice day" and walk away. What I like to do is just put a bug in their ear. Give them something to think about on their drive home or walk to the office. Tell them to ask their friends if they have ever heard anything and give them a business card. People will do their research if something comes up in their every day life. 

Remember, just think benefits! Put a pen to paper and come up with something that is appealing to yourself, your family, and your friends and the rest will come naturally!

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