Monday, December 24, 2012

It Begins

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! This blog will be dedicated to any and all Easy Money Method 2x (EMM2x) progress as well as the different benefits to having the product that I am promoting which is the Motor Club of America (MCA).
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EZ Money Method 2x -- Double Your Money Fast...
The MCA program itself has a $40 sign up fee which pays for your first and last month of membership and then $19.95 a month after that. The great part is that it pays out $80 per referral and pays you by check or direct deposit each week! So with just one sale, you have made your money back and made a $40 profit.

MCA is a rock solid company and has been in business since 1926! EZ Money Method creators have hit the ball out of the park on this one by adding it to EZMM2x.

Refer this to 10 people to EZMM2x and get paid $800 by the end of the next week! That is more than some people make in 2 weeks at a regular job. At the end of this post I'll have a .doc file you can download which when you open it you will see a pull-tab flyer template that is a cool way to promote this low cost business. Just edit the .doc file to add your EZ Money Method 2x address and your phone number, save it to your desktop, and print out. You can hang them on public bulletin boards.

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The two additional income streams included in the EZMM2x system are GVO, which is an email follow up auto-responder and Empower Network which is the leading ranked done for you blog marketing system that has grown to 40,000 members in only 9 months and helped thousands start earning income online even though they have never had any prior internet marketing experience.

With the Empower Network you have a viral blogging system that is all set up and ready to go and you will have access to training from some of the top online marketers in the industry. Empower Network pays 100% commissions on its product. No more teeny tiny commissions for me or for you if you do this part of the EZ Money Method 2x system.

Just guide people to your EZMM2x system and it will guide them through the presentations. If they sign up, it guides your new members step by step through the system setup for all 4 of the possible income streams. The system also includes a complete marketing training site with video trainings and resources to help get your brand new members up and running and making money quickly.

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The wonder of these systems is you can do them all at the same time or take baby steps and master one brand at a time to dip your toes in online marketing.

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